Welcome to the Arc Cafe!

The Arc Cafe is a community project set up in July 2012 by the Addiction Recovery Agency (ARA) in partnership with St Mary Redcliffe Church.  It provides volunteers in recovery from addictions a wide range of education, training and employment opportunities.

Providing Volunteers with

  • Structure, direction and purpose to their lives
  • Customer service skills, qualifications and the confidence to succeed within a working environment 
  • Catering, hospitality and business administration skills & qualifications
  • Team work support
  • Links to a range of community networks
  • Further training and work opportunities

Providing Customers with

  • Delicious home-cooked food using many locally sourced products
  • Fabulous coffee
  • Friendly customer service
  • Free Wi-FI
  • A relaxed atmosphere in unique historic setting
  • A loyalty card scheme

Providing the Community with

  • A project which reduces the stigma around addiction
  • Positive 'Recovery Role Models'
  • A great space for training & events
  • Outside catering options

We are located in the undercroft of Bristol’s beautiful St Mary Redcliffe Church’ with a very calm and relaxing atmosphere’ skirting around our bustling city,you can enjoy our locally source produce and homemade cakes in great company.

Please come down to visit us, We look forward to seeing you soon... 

I love everything about the Arc Cafe! I started as a volunteer and now I'm employed part-time by ARA. I'm completing an Apprenticeship in Leadership at City of Bristol College, I am learning academically and emotionally! It's great to watch people grow in their confidence and being able to share my skills, helping team members learn new things. I have learnt lots about myself, how to use my strengths and build on my weaknesses. It's lovely to receive praise and thanks for doing well in my role and this gives me a satisfied good feeling inside. Andy